Boy Scouts Add Video Game Belt Loop and Academics Pin for Playing Games

Evan Selleck - Apr 30, 2010
Boy Scouts Add Video Game Belt Loop and Academics Pin for Playing Games

You have to know times are changing when the premiere body of getting kids outside is now giving out belt loops and pins for doing the complete opposite. Or, perhaps they’re just trying to keep the family time as high as possible. Either way, welcome the latest editions of the Boy Scouts trophy system: belt loops and academics pins that show off your ability to play video games.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. It wouldn’t be the Boy Scouts if it were that simple. Well, perhaps simple is a relative term here. In any case, for a Scout to get their hands on a belt loop, they need to complete three requirements: Explain why it is important for a rating system with video games; with an adult, create a schedule that includes playing video games, along with doing your chores and homework; and finally, learn to play a new video game that’s been approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

As for the academics pin, the Scout will need to complete three of nine tasks, which include: With your parents, create a plan to buy a video game; teach an adult how to play a video game; and compare two game consoles, which includes listing reasons why you would want to buy it. We like where the Boy Scouts are going with this: it pretty much breaks down that kids are going to play video games anyway, so why not incorporate it into the Boy Scouts way of life? At least that way they learn while they’re playing. Plus, they get pins and belt loops.

[via Boy Scouts]

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