BoXZY crams a mill, laser, and 3D-printer into one desktop maker

Makers and artists, rejoice! BoXZY wants to bring the power of manufacturing-level tools, once only available to industry giants, to your desktop. BoXZY is setting itself apart on Kickstarter by offering more than just 3D-printing. BoXZY is designed to be an all-in-one machine shop, functioning as a 3D-printer, mill, and a laser engraver. Each tool exists as a rapid-change attachment, allowing the user to swiftly switch between mechanisms. Its creators, Justin and Joel Johnson, want to break the barriers like cost, location, and space that individual makers encounter in the industry.

It's not just compact, it could be a cheaper alternative to own three different 3D printing machines. BoXZY aims to be user-friendly with its rapid-changing attachments and proprietary software interface, integrating all of the controls into one plug-and-play program. The Johnsons claim that it's suitable for newbies and experienced makers alike due to its combination of intuitive interface and precision fabrication.

BoXZY will be able to shape all kinds of materials from plastics to wood and dense metals. Ideally, individual artists can customize pieces with the same quality and precision as a corporate manufacturer. The creators envision BoXZY as a way for fabricators to work more efficiently by allowing them to design and manufacture a product from start to finish all in one space.

BoXZY's Kickstarter has already far surpassed its $50,000 USD goal with over $240,000 USD pledged, and it still has 30 days to go. BoXZY units will ship out November 2015, with the earlybird pledgers getting a priority shipping date.

Check out BoXZY in action!

Source: Kickstarter