Box’s OneCloud pushes enterprise to the cloud

Mark Raby - Mar 28, 2012, 10:54pm CDT
Box’s OneCloud pushes enterprise to the cloud

It looks like Box is the first to truly tackle the issue that we all know is the current problem with cloud-based storage services – an unnecessary emphasis on proprietary platforms and a lack of universal access. The innovative cloud provider Box wants saving something to the Internet as easy as, well, clicking the “save” button. Enter OneCloud, a product that is not a new cloud platform, but an entire cloud infrastructure.

Think of it this way. Right now, if you want to save, say, a Word document to the cloud for friends and colleagues to access, you first create and modify the document in Word, then you have to save it, and then you have to log into your Box, or Dropbox, or Amazon Cloud Drive account, and then find the file on your computer, and then wait for it to be uploaded. But what if when you saved the document in the first place, you could instantly push it to the cloud?

Now you have the basic understanding of OneCloud, or at least what it could some day become. For the example in question to work now, you’d need to have an iOS device, and that Word document would need to be saved in QuickOffice. Right now, the platform is only compatible with Apple’s mobile OS, but Box wants to expand it to Android. So far, 30 app partners have signed up, including PDF Expert and Adobe EchoSign, in addition to QuickOffice. It’s a step in the right direction – we’d even say, the only direction – for the cloud to really take off.

[via VentureBeat]

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