Bounty Hunter Karabiner Doubles as Knife and Key Ring

Nothing makes a statement like having a key ring that is bigger than the keys. Well the Karabiner from Bounty Hunter does one better, it comes with its own knife. Always looking for manly gadgets, this one got our attention. Not all gadgets can be useful and potentially dangerous at the same time. This one has the best of both worlds. The Karabiner's knife is in its back, or rather inside the metal body.

The Karabiner also has a nail file and scissors tucked away Swiss-Army style next to the blade. The nail-file and scissors are not very menacing; they were probably just put in next to the knife to fill the extra space. To be perfectly honest, the blade is not all that threatening either. TSA security might not agree with that, but we would consider the knife a tool instead of a weapon. The knife could be used in self defense under certain circumstances. For example, if you were attacked in the forest by a small animal, like a rabbit or a squirrel.

The Karabiner is silver, with the Bounty Hunter logo on the side. It comes in one size and retails for 3,990 yen. It can be purchased online or in select retailers in Japan and the US. Definitely a tool to consider if you ever needed to cut something while climbing a mountain, or better yet file your nails. Overall it is a great design with an appealing look.

[via bounty-hunter]