Boundary Errant Pack modular bag has space for everything

JC Torres - Jun 26, 2018, 9:00pm CDT
Boundary Errant Pack modular bag has space for everything

The affordability and portability of the latest breed of professional equipment and devices have ironically resulted in making us carry more things with us all the time. That, in turn, has often resulted in the purchase of specialized bags and packs that, unfortunately, can’t be used for other purposes or situations. That’s what Boundary’s new Errant Pack tries to solve. Not only does its modular design mean there’s a space for everything, it also means that it can be a bag for everyone and for every use case as well.

Whether you’re a creative, a photographer, or a commuter, the Errant Pack sleek and discrete design won’t look out of place in whatever scenario. And while it is primarily a backpack, it also has a brief style side carry mode for more formal appearances. It’s clamshell style opening also means you can get quick access to the most important and most used items inside quickly and conveniently without spilling everything else out.

The 22-liter bag has compartments and pockets for a wide variety of things, from a 17-inch laptop to a 13-inch tablet to a water bottle to a camera tripod to shoes that you want to keep away from the rest of your things. The Errant Pack makes use of a lot of magnetic and auto-locking buckles that offer both security and convenience at the same time.

Of course, a modular bag can’t exactly be considered modular if there are no modules. That’s where the CB-1 and MK-2 come in. While these inserts do have photographers primarily in mind, they are just as flexible and general-purpose as the Errant Pack itself. But even without those, the backpack has plenty of room for anything and everything you can stick inside.

The Boundary Errant Pack is currently on Kickstarter but as far as its funding goal is concerned, the idea definitely has a lot of fans. A single Errant Pack will cost your $100 now ($150 retail price) and a combo with both the MK-2 and CB-1 goes up to $199.

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