Bose's awesome '90s magic carpet suspension is coming to production

Back in the 1990s, Bose developed an insane suspension that eliminated any movement being transferred from the suspension to a car. The very first video at the bottom of this post shows you just how exceptionally well this tech worked for insulating the passengers from movement. The reason the tech never came to fruition back in the '90s is said to be cost and weight.

Fast forward a few decades and a company called ClearMotion in the US has purchased the rights to the Bose control software and plans to combine it with the latest in air suspension. The result of the Bose software and modern tech is a commercially viable suspension system that is good enough to have caught the eye of five major auto manufacturers.

It now goes by the name "digital chassis system" and it is heralded as "the fastest proactive ride system that exists today." The system can read the road and react instantly thanks to real-time accelerometers. The result is "unparalleled ride quality" that the company says you can feel in the first ten feet of driving.

One key to the system is dual-function dampers that also work as actuators. The software extends and retracts the suspension in near-perfect sync with the road surface.

Development work is being performed in the UK right now. The goal is to have a production system in place by next year. There is no word on which automakers are interested in the system at this time.

SOURCE: CarThrottle