Bose Hearphones lets you hold conversations in noisy spots

No, that isn't a typo, though Google Search my indeed think so. Bose has quietly launched a new pair of earbuds with noise canceling technology with an almost ironic mission. While headphones usually signifies the wearer's desire not to talk with others and listen to music instead, the Bose Hearphones can actually help you listen better to those talking to you. And it does so using the very same technology used to block out ambient noise when you only want to hear your favorite tunes.

"Directional microphones help you focus on conversations in noisy places." That's basically the spiel that Bose is making with the oddly named Hearphones. The earphone's "Active Noise Reduction" technology actually lets wearers choose what to listen to and what to block out. So instead of simply blocking out all ambient noise, you can, instead, choose to amplify it and put your music or podcast to the background. You can even zero in on sound that is nearby or directly in front of you, like someone talking to you, while tuning down other noises.

Part of the magic of the Bose Hearphones comes from the accompanying iOS app. Sorry Android users, no dice for you yet again. The app allows users to set the direction of noise cancellation and different modes for different environments or situations, from concerts to doctor's appoinments. It doesn't seem automatic though, so you'll need to have your iPhone or iPad always ready to make the switch as needed.

Bose's "hearing aid" Hearphones still doesn't have a launch date, however. We'll let you know when we hear more details about this somewhat odd but interesting accessory.