Bose Frames lineup's three new sunglasses pack tiny speaker systems

Audio company Bose has expanded its Frames product line of glasses packing built-in speakers. Starting today, buyers have three new Frames sunglasses models to choose from, each with a different style and tint, but with one thing in common: the company's tiniest speakers, offering what Bose says is a personal but immersive audio experience without wearing earbuds.

The new Bose Frames Tenor, Tempo, and Soprano offer a bit of something for everyone — the Tenor has a design that can blend in with everyday life, for example, while the Tempo looks like an ordinary pair of sports sunglasses and the Soprano has a classic old school design with a subtle cat-eye.

Both the Soprano and Tenor models feature 5.5 hours of audio playback per charge, as well as shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant lenses. According to Bose, the lenses can be 'easily' swapped out for new lenses with different tinting; the Soprano supports Purple Fade and Rose Gold colors, while the Tenor supports Mirrored Silver and Mirrored Blue options.

The Bose Tempo sunglasses, meanwhile, are made for sport; they feature TR90 material that makes them flexible, durable, and lightweight, as well as TPE temple tips and spring hinges. As well, the sunglasses come with three different nose pad options for support during movements like running, cycling, and hiking.

The Tempo offers the best performance in the Frames product line, according to Bose, which says that it has packed its tiniest speaker system into these sunglasses. The Tempo offers up to 8 hours of battery life, as well as 22mm full-range drivers and audio delivery loud enough to be heard while cycling along at 25MPH.

Likewise, all three Bose Frames sunglasses have a built-in dual-beam-forming microphone array for holding conversations, all three models are prescription-ready, and all three now available for $249 USD each.