Borderlands 2 patch fixes rank resets on 360, new DLC confirmed

A while back, we heard about a pretty nasty Borderlands 2 bug that was resetting players' badass ranks and the stat boosts they had purchased with badass tokens. It was an issue that had a lot of players upset, but Xbox 360 players are finally receiving a fix in the latest Borderlands 2 update. The fix restores badass rank and will reissue the badass tokens you earned while exploring Pandora, letting you increase your stat bonuses back to where they were or go a completely different route this time around.

In order to make sure that your badass rank is restored, Gearbox recommended that you continue your game and then save and quit once you're in the world. Doing this with each character will "ensure you are credited for as much progress as possible." G4 reports that Gearbox has even given 10 golden keys to those who were affected by the issue, so some players have a lot of high-quality loot in their immediate future.

Things get more exciting, though, when we learn that all players can now reset their challenge progress to increase their badass rank further and earn more tokens. Your current badass rank and bonuses will stay in tact if you opt to reset your challenges, which is something you can do if you've "completed 85% of all non-DLC, non-area-specific challenge levels." It sounds like a pretty cool feature, as it gives players who have maxed out at level 50 something else to do.

Meanwhile, one Gearbox forums member posted PS3 trophy information on a piece of Borderlands 2 DLC dubbed "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt," a title Gearbox later confirmed to Polygon. There's a bronze trophy for completing a mission titled "The Fall of Nakayama," a silver trophy for discovering all of the named areas in the DLC, and a gold trophy for completing all of the DLC's side missions, but other than that details are slim. We don't know if we'll be getting the long-awaited level cap increase with this DLC, but you can bet that fans are hoping. We'll have more details for you once Gearbox is ready to talk, so stay tuned.