Borderlands 2 heads to PlayStation VR this year

Eric Abent - Oct 9, 2018, 3:03pm CDT
Borderlands 2 heads to PlayStation VR this year

Despite being more than six years old at this point, Borderlands 2 seems like one of those perennial games that people keep returning to. If you’ve got a PlayStation VR, you’ll soon have one more reason to play through the game again, as Gearbox today announced Borderlands 2 VR. It sounds like this is more than just a simple port, as Gearbox has made a number of changes to make the game play well in virtual reality.

Obviously, bringing the game to virtual reality means that everything needs to be put into a first-person perspective, which isn’t a huge problem for a game like Borderlands 2. Still, the vehicle segments – which were third-person in the original game – have become first-person segments this time around. You’ll drive your vehicle with the joystick on your controller and aim the weapons with your headset.

You’ll also be able to navigate the in-game menus using PS Move controllers and a drag and drop system. As with any game where the point is collecting loot and leveling up characters, there’s a lot of menu navigation to be done in Borderlands 2, so here’s hoping that the drag and drop interface is intuitive and easy to use, otherwise it might make for a frustrating experience.

Some of the game’s skill have been updated to take better advantage of virtual reality, and all vault hunters will have access to a new feature called Bad Ass Mega Fun Time, also known as BAMF Time. With BAMF Time, you can slow down the game to line up a shot or analyze your surroundings. Traversal has also been updated for this VR outing, as you can now use a point-to-point teleport to get around.

Borderlands 2 VR sounds pretty great, but there’s one significant drawback: it’s a single-player only affair, so no bringing friends along for the ride this time. It also seems to be exclusive to PSVR for the time being, but hopefully we’ll see it come to other VR platforms before long. Borderlands 2 VR launches on December 14, 2018, just in time for the holidays.

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