Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus plan adds free telehealth service perk

DISH's prepaid wireless carrier Boost Mobile has added a new perk for customers who subscribe to its Unlimited Plus plan: free access to a telehealth service. These virtual 'doctor visit' apps have become increasingly popular, particularly amid the pandemic when many people are still concerned about risking a trip to the doctor's office.

The telehealth service comes from K Health, which has partnered with Boost Mobile to offer Unlimited Plus subscribers access to the service for free. Other Boost Mobile subscribers will also get a deal regarding the telehealth app, but a far smaller one — they'll pay $8/month for access to the platform rather than its typical $9/month fee.

As with many competing telehealth apps, K Health enables anyone with a mobile phone to connect with doctors to get help with issues they may be facing. These services aren't meant for dealing with major problems but can be useful to get an expert's recommendations, as well as things like prescription refills.

K Health is unique because its app features an AI chatbot that can receive the user's symptoms and then connect them with a doctor who may be suited to help. According to the company's website, its service can be used for things like lab orders, prescription refills for common conditions, and help with mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Boost Mobile customers interested in getting access to K Health can sign up for it on the carrier's website. The company says it will officially launch the new perk in early summer, but no additional details on that planned launch were provided. The Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is priced at $60/month and includes 35GB of 4G LTE data.