Bookinst - Take your favorite reading chair everywhere

Reading a book is about the most low-tech thing a person can do. Unless you're reading some kind of book on technology, that is. I'm one that likes to kick back with a good book and relax at the end of the day. I have my favorite spot that I usually sit, and my book is almost always there waiting for me. However, for those of you that don't like reading in the same spot everyday, there's the Bookinst.

The Bookinst is essentially a chair, lamp, bookshelf and cart rolled into one. The chair holds somewhere around 80 books, so you're sure to always have something to keep yourself occupied. If you're outside and it grows dark, you've got a lamp, if you have a drink, it has a holder. I think the guy thought of just about everything on this one.

While it sounds good and all, the chair actually looks pretty ugly and uncomfortable. If I'm not comfortable, I'm not going to be reading for long. I think I'll just stick to lying on my couch.

Bookinist Chair for the Roving Readers [via bornrich]