Bookeen shows off new Cybook eBook reader

I've always thought that the idea of eBooks was a pretty cool one. It would be awesome to carry around a small pad that could show me any book that I loaded into it. Unfortunately something just bothers me about reading a book on an electronic screen.

While I'm still up in the air on it, companies like Bookeen are showing off new cool eBook readers. The latest from Bookeen is their Cybook. I'd love to go into details about it, but there are few to be found. We do know that it's about as thick as a magazine and has the same surface area of a paperback novel. Like other eBook readers it will use almost no power, only when turning a page will it actually consume a small amount.

The Cybook website is very much a teaser, promising more information soon. We'll be sure to update you when we find out more.

Bookeen teases with mystery eBook reader [via electronista]