Boogie Board RIP eWriter hands-on

Boogie Board by Improvelectronics may or may not be a device you've heard of before. I guess in a way we could call it a tablet although it isn't really a tablet in today's usual terms — and instead more of a notepad device. Whether you have a Boogie Board for your kids or to save space and paper in your office you wont want to miss the new RIP — it can save your notes.

These Boogie Boards are being marketed as an eWriter and it basically provides a medium for easily taking and saving notes without wasting paper. This eReader like technology uses a simple stylus to take notes, draw images or anything else you'd like and with the latest edition you can now save and export them to your smartphone or computer over micro-USB.

This might not be extremely accurate or ideal for a professional or student — but it still manages to be an awesome tool for the office and many other scenarios. Being able to take notes that will stay on screen for as long as you'd like — then get erased with the touch of a button almost instantly is actually pretty cool. I could see kids really enjoying this, not to mention many of my family members joining in on the fun.

Boogie Board RIP has a place to store the stylus for writing, and the battery will basically last forever. The original didn't have a replaceable battery but it was said to last for over 10 years. The new RIP battery can now be removed and replaced if needed although it offers the same 10 years+ of battery life rating. If you still have one by then you must be doing something right.

The Boogie Board RIP is more than a toy and will cost you a pretty penny at $129 but I couldn't help but feel like it was just that — a toy. The thought of teachers having this in classrooms is actually an awesome concept and I'd love to see it on a larger scale.