Boogie Board LCD writing tablet heads to Europe

The Boogie Board LCD writing tablet has been around for a while for geeks in the US and back during CES several new colors for the tablet surfaced. The Boogie Board always reminds me of one of those kids toys where you have to lift the grey sheet to erase the writing.

The company behind the Boogie Board is called Improv Electronics and the company says that this spring the tablet will land in gold or silver colors as well. Geeks in Europe that like the looks and performance of the Boogie Board will soon be able to get their hands on one when it launches there for the first time.

The Boogie Board and its pressure sensitive LCD from Kent Displays will land in Europe for about 40 euros. The LCD retains what you write indefinitely without power and only a small amount of power is needed to erase. The exact day the Boogie Board will hit Europe is unknown.