Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with AI aims to make you on time

We all know at least one person who is perennially late and never on time. If you don't know one of those people, odds are you are that perennially late person. A new smart alarm clock has landed on Kickstarter that wants to help you be on time and it's called the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence. The Bonjour clock does things other clocks are unable to do.

You can choose how you wake up such as to what tunes and you can get the information you want right when you wake. That information can include things like weather and traffic reports and so on. The cool part about that is if you wake up and the report indicates that traffic is heavier than usual you have a much better chance of being on time since you know right from the start of your morning, not when you hit the highway.

Bonjour has a human voice and speaks things to you. Users can also use their voice to control the clock and settings such as alarms. Bonjour interfaces with other smart tech allowing control over a Nest thermostat with your voice all with no apps needed. Music can be controlled via voice commands.

If you have a busy day, Bonjour can check traffic and your calendar and suggest when you need to wake up and when you need to leave early, or on days where traffic is light it will tell you if you can leave later and still make it to work. Bonjour has raised more than twice its funding goal with over $129,000 so far and 39 days to go. A pledge of $109 or more will get you one Bonjour alarm clock with shipping in June 2017.

SOURCE: Kickstarter