Boingo now offers users access to Gogo internet in flight

Boingo has announced that it has teamed up with Gogo to offer the users of the Boingo extended roaming network access to Gogo internet service on select commercial airlines. The access will be available on over 1,100 aircraft with nine different carriers with internet access available above 10,000 feet altitude. Gogo is the premier in-flight WiFi access provider on commercial flights today.

To get access to the Gogo network the Boingo user will need to have the latest version of the Boingo Wi-Finder app on their smartphone or they can hit the Boingo homepage on their computer. It's important to note that the Gogo access is not part of the monthly service that some Boingo users already pay for; it is a premium offering that costs more.

Boingo will offer in-flight access on laptops and tablets for $4.95, $9.95, or $12.95 per flight depending on how long the flight is. Smartphone users get a break and can access WiFi for $4.95 or $7.95 depending on the length of the flight.