Boeing unveils F-15QA fighter jets with advanced next-gen systems

On Wednesday, Boeing and the US Air Force teamed with the Qatar Emiri Air Force to unveil the F-15QA, a version of the F-15 fighter jet that features advanced technologies, including a digital cockpit made entirely of glass. These fighter jets will be shipped to Qatar for use by its air force in partnership with the US military.

The F-15QA fighter jet packs a number of next-generation technologies, according to Boeing, including new radar, sensors, and fly-by-wire flight controls. The advanced fighter jet model also features "electronic warfare capabilities," offering what F-15 program VP Prat Kumar described as "a transformational leap for the" fighter jet model.

Boeing describes the F-15QA as the most advanced F-15 thus far, saying it will equip the Qatar Emiri Air Force with "more speed, range, and payload than any fighter in the world." In addition to the services it has been providing the Qatar air force, Boeing says it will set up and run an aircrew and maintenance training center for the QEAF, among other things.

Later on this year, Boeing says the first set of F-15QA fighter jets will be sent on a ferry to Qatar; before that happens, however, the QEAF will need to complete pre-delivery pilot training, which is provided by Boeing. Commander of the 9th Air Force Lt. Gen. Greg Guillot said in a statement:

The rollout of the F-15QA is momentous, not just in terms of capability but also in terms of the enhanced partnership it represents. The relationship the United States shares with Qatar is critical to the stability and security of the central command area of responsibility, and we are grateful for our coalition partner's continued focus on building interoperability and combined readiness. It is a privilege and honor to stand with our Qatari counterparts this day and every day.