BMW shows off factory integrated iPad docks at Paris Motor Show

Any parent that has kids and has been on a long trip knows that there comes a time when kids in the back seat want to chill out and watch some movies or play games. The problem is that many of the DVD systems and rear seat entertainment systems in cars are really not that great that come from the factory today.

BMW is showing off a very cool new factory integration system for the rear occupants of some of its luxury vehicles for the Apple iPad. This is very cool because not only is the design of the mounts for the iPad integrated into the car for looks, but that means that with the 3G iPad passengers in the rear seats can surf the web while cruising down the road.

BMW already has a factory docking system for the iPhone that puts it on the dash in front. It's really cool to see an automaker offering integrated mounts for high-tech devices not just trying to force drivers to use their own proprietary systems.

Via Autospies