BMW Motorrad Active Cruise Control improves comfort and safety

Most people know BMW as the maker of luxury and sports cars, but it also makes motorcycles through BMW Motorrad. One thing that many motorcyclists who travel long distances on their bikes like to add is basic cruise control that makes long rides more comfortable. Many systems are simple clamps that keep the throttle turned. BMW Motorrad has a new Active Cruise Control (ACC) system that features distance control for maximum comfort and safety when riding.ACC is an option on many modern cars, and BMW Motorrad says it will soon offer the feature to motorcyclists providing an entirely new and comfortable riding experience. The new system has distance control for maximum comfort and the best possible safety when riding. BMW Motorrad developed the system with help from Bosch.

The ACC system automatically regulates the speed sat by the rider and the distance of the vehicle traveling in front. If the vehicle in front of the motorcyclist reduces speed, the system automatically reduces the speed of the motorcycle. The distance setting can be varied in three stages with the riding speed and the distance of the vehicle in front set by a convenient button.

The individual setting is displayed on the TFT instrument cluster. The ACC system has a pair of selectable characteristics, including comfortable or dynamic in which the acceleration and deceleration behaviors change accordingly. The distance control can also be deactivated to allow the use of the Dynamic Cruise Control alone.

BMW Motorrad's ACC system automatically reduces the speed when cornering, and a comfortable lean angle is achieved. With an increasing lean angle, braking and acceleration dynamics are limited to maintain a stable ride and not unsettle the rider by abruptly braking or accelerating. The system will not brake for the rider for stationary vehicles such as in a traffic jam or traffic lights.