BMW Creates Self-Parking Car

Well, for anyone who has ever considered buying themselves a BMW (and who hasn't), now you have one more reason to justify your expenditure. BMW says that, within three years, they will have a fully-automated self-parking car, meaning that you should never (in theory) have to worry about hitting the garage wall or other household fixtures. As it stands right now, all the driver has to do is come up to the parking spot and exit the car. Once outside, they press a button on their remote and presto! – instant parking.BMW has had automated processes in their vehicles before, like the iDrive system for automated driving, but this would be the first automated system that the masses might actually find useful. A trip to any local food market or store shows that 90% of Americans can't park to save their lives, so it only stands to reason that we'll need computer assistance to overcome this blemish on the American driver. Of course, the BMW will probably cost an arm and a leg, but at least your parking will be perfect.[via Gizmodo]