Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset is world's first to support apps

We are all familiar with apps for our smartphones and with Bluetooth headsets for hands free talking separately. What we are not very familiar with is a Bluetooth headset that has its own app store. Bluetrek has unveiled a new headset called the Crescendo that is the world's first to support online app store uploads.

The headset has apps that can be accessed free via the Talk2Me App Store. The Talk2Me store offers apps for the headset to increase its functionality with things like the Personal Handsfree Assistant Dial2Do service that lets the user listen to their emails and speak a reply to be sent back out. The service can also read text messages to you and lets you reply to a text with your voice.

A search app called bing411 lets you search for information online using your voice too. The headset itself uses voice commands for operation and has NoiseLock technology. NoiseLock promises to block as much as 85dB of external sound like wind and traffic noise. It's not clear if the apps the headset works with are actually stored on the headset, uploaded to the mobile phone, or accessed via a dial-in number. The headset is good for five hours of talk and seven days on standby per charge.