BlueStacks Launches Android Player For Windows 8, Brings Apps To Your PC

Back in December, we reported that BlueStacks had launched for Mac OS X, bringing with it almost a million Android apps for Mac users to enjoy on their laptops. Now the company has officially rolled out its App Player for Windows 8, bringing those same Android apps to devices running Microsoft's operating system.

BlueStacks had originally said it would be launching a Windows 8 version of its App Player over a year ago. Users can grab the App Player download from BlueStack's website, then install it and begin downloading their favorite Android apps. This provide thousands of app options to certain Windows 8 devices, such as the Surface Pro, with the number of native app offerings for the devices being exceptionally low.

BlueStacks' CEO Rosen Sharma had this to say: "We've had our users asking for a Win8 version for a long time. Now that it's finally available on our website we're looking forward to getting feedback and building on the experience. The number of mobile apps being written overall is expanding exponentially and Microsoft has not added apps to the handful it has. Our goal is to get people more value out of their Surface Pro and Win8 devices."

BlueStacks has penned deals with multiple OEM partners thus far, which have added an unspecified number of downloads on top of the over 5 million App Player downloads the company has already experienced. If you want to get your favorite Android apps on your PC, head over to and download the App Player.

[via BGR]