BlueLounge “The Sanctuary” – a safe, serene place to empty your pockets and recharge

James Allan Brady - Apr 1, 2008, 11:55am CDT

The BlueLounge Sanctuary is a product that is shaped/styled a lot like a Mac Mini, but its used to store your daily fare. Below the surface of this gadget there are integrated charging tips for charging up to 1500 mobile devices and then a USB port for the fifteen hundred and first one that isn’t covered.

This way you don’t have to worry about buying this device and then having to spend another $100 on tips that you are likely to lose, they are all already built in. There is also space enough to hold your spare change, money, wallet, keys, etc. alongside your iPod, cell phone and Bluetooth headset as they charge.

Personally I’d love to have one of these as I’m constantly charging 2 mobile phones, a Bluetooth headset, and my iPod, and occasionally a pair of Bluetooth Headphones, and currently I use whatever fitted hat I wore that day to throw it all in, so this would definitely be a more organized method of temporary storage and charging. If you want one they will cost you $129.95 and are available from BlueLounge, FrontGate, and BlueLounge retailers this spring.

[via BlueLounge]

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