Blue Microphones Tiki USB mic available at Best Buy now

We're fans of Blue Microphones, with the company churning out good quality products like the Snowball and Yeti mics. The company demoed a smaller, more portable USB mic at CES that would plug into laptops and provide noise cancellation so that you could hold a conversation in a busy environment, and that microphone is now shipping. Blue says the mic contains proprietary noise cancellation technology that will isolate your voice and reduce background noise accordingly.

There are two modes for the microphone: Intelligent Speech Mode and Natural Recording Mode. The first outlines what's described above, reducing background noise for voice calls or recordings, while Natural mode will act as a standard high quality USB mic that will record audio up to "CD-quality." The size of the mic is pretty small too, plugging into your USB port directly and not requiring any additional cables.

Like Blue's other mics, you don't need any drivers for the mic, so you can just plug it in and start recording straight away. The Tiki will cost $59.99 and is available in Best Buy stores right now. Blue says you'll be able to purchase one from Apple and other retailers worldwide starting from July 15th.

[via Engadget]