Blue Line PowerCost Energy Monitor and Energy Meter II BLI-28000 are perfect for green geeks

Smarthome has what may be the perfect holiday gift for the green geek who likes gadgets. The device is called the Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and allows the user to keep an eye on how much power they are consuming and how much that power is costing them.

The device has a wireless sensor that clamps to the users home power meter and transmits valuable information to a portable wireless receiver that shows the energy usage information on a large LCD. The display allows users to monitor energy costs and according to research monitor costs, this way can lead to 6 to 18% reduction in energy consumption.

Sales of the gadget have increased for the holiday season already and the thing is still available for right at $100. The screen will show you how much it is costing to run your appliances and will work with 14.4 type meters. Installation doesn't require an electrician.