Blue and light blue Nintendo DS Lite with Zelda Mod

It's not an official product SKU, just something some guy in Australia whipped up, but it looks surprisingly good and it works. It has a metal Zelda badge thing on the front, it's a shield with some symbols including the Tri Force, and there are some swords and arrows that cross behind the shield.

Behind the shield there are a pair of bright green LEDs that have different operating modes, when the DS is on, the lights are on, when it's in standby or off, the lights are off, and when you switch on the WiFi the lights start blinking. The paint job on the device looks amazing too, the bottom of the DS, the biggest portion of the hinge, and buttons and accents on the inside are all light blue.

The rest of it is the darker blue color. The DS Lite was bought brand new just for this mod, as such it comes with everything a regular brand new DS Lite would (manuals, accessories, chargers, etc., etc.. The best part about bidding on this item is that if you win, 15% of the sale price goes to the Child's Play charity. Here's the Ebay auction link.