Blu-ray to stand tall, Taiwan not in bed with China's CBHD

China has failed to resurrect now-defunct HD-DVD with CH-DVD despite having its share of World largest market to boost; their latest answer to Blue High-definition Disc, abbreviated CBHD, which is also an improved version of previous CH-DVD, is facing the same destiny according to reports.

Taiwanese manufacturers are unwilling to spur another Format War, supports of CBHD to friends in mainland have dropped and decided to stick with Blu-ray disk format only. Reports also cited part of the seasons were similar schemes failed to deliver China-based optical disc red-laser technologies (EVD) and its alternate DVD format, FVD to win over studios' and CE markers' supports.

The Taiwanese's setback will leave the lone Format in the hands of few China-based vendors and consumer electronics to burden the home grown blue-laser optical disc technology. Counting the yuan, CBHD players sells at about US$438 is way too steep to penetrate the established Blu-ray standard.