Blu-ray sales of 300 outsell HD DVD 2:1

So last week Warner proudly announced that the movie "300" was the best-selling high-definition movie ever. But the question that remained in everyone's mind was who sold more Blu-ray or HD DVD. Finall, thanks to the Nielson VideoScan First Alert, we have an idea.

Apparently the Blu-ray version did quite well for itself, as it outsold the HD DVD nearly 2 to 1. If these numbers are correct, then it's safe to say that Blu-ray has found itself in the lead of the race.

What is interesting is that the HD DVD version of the movie actually packed more features than the Blu-ray. One such feature was the "Bluescreen Picture-in-Picture Version" that allowed you to see what the movie looked like as it was actually filmed, without all of the added effects. Apparently that just wasn't cool enough to sell the discs.

"300" Sells More on Blu-ray Disc Than HD DVD [via dailytech]