Blu-Ray Drive for your MacBook Sir?

Yes, please. FastMac, a company apparently known for bringing third-party upgrades to Apple products, has now brought you a Blu-Ray drive that you can drop into your Macs.

The upgrade is available for devices as old as the iBook G4 and the iMac G5 all the way up to the MacBook Pro 17-inch and all the rest of the MacIntels. It doesn't just read Blu-Ray discs either; it's a 2x burner as well.

The device even keeps the slot-loading feature that the supported Apple devices have. Although the $1000 price tag for just the drive might make you consider waiting until Apple decides to add the feature. However if you are in the movie biz and like using your Mac, but need a Blu-Ray drive, the choice is obvious.

Blu-Ray for MacBooks (finally) [via 9to5Mac]