Bloxels lets you build your own video games one block at a time

Video games on tablets are very popular with just about every age group from grandparents down to kids. One of the most popular games out there is Minecraft because it lets players build anything they want in the digital world with blocks of material. A new game system has debuted that brings that ability to build anything you want to the real world and keeps its digital component as well.

The game is called Bloxels and with this game you can build your game worlds using a square gameboard and colorful blocks on your desk or table in the real world. Once you get the game board built just the way you want it, you align it with the game app using the camera on your tablet and the game board you built is imported into the video game world.

Bloxels is designed for ages 8 and up, the games you design can be shared with the community, and you can play the designs that other people have come up with. Once the game board you design is imported into the app via the tablet camera, you can customize how it looks in the digital world.

Players can change colors, textures, and other design elements. Bloxels is on Kickstarter seeking funding and is aiming for $40,000. So far, it has raised over $25,000 and has 28 days to go. A pledge of $50 or more will get you a Bloxels set with shipping set for October 2015. You can set up a larger group for $125 with the team builder mega pack wit multiple expansion sets.

SOURCE: Kickstarter