Blocks modular smartwatch will include customizable design

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 16, 2014, 5:10 am CDT
Blocks modular smartwatch will include customizable design

The folks over at Phonebloks ignited the modular smartphone movement, which has gained a lot of attention for the functionality it promises: the ability for users to swap out component modules for different ones when desired. That idea was ported to smartwatches, which we got an early look at back in March, and the concept was just an exciting. Fast-forward more than half a year, and an updated design has been showcased in a new video demonstrating its blocks concept, which we have for you after the jump.

Called the Blocks modular smartwatch, it is based on the same premise as Google’s Project Ara smartphone. Users can decide what hardware they want their device to offer, integrating it themselves using modules that slide into place. In the case of the smartwatch, the module “blocks” will form the wrist band.

The company has revealed that it received funding from Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge, and that it plans to make what it calls “modular modules” — that is, blocks that can be customized with removable covers that let users change the looks of the device the same way they can change the hardware.

Talks are said to be happening with “big companies” to get things like a contactless payment block, sim card block, and other hardware features in place. In the meantime, the company says it is working on software, and is leaning towards Tizen OS as the base for its offering.

SOURCE: Phonebloks Blog

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