Blockbuster's Total Access in-store movie exchanges are not longer 'Free'

Just i thought Blockbuster's Total Access is on to something with the upcoming video game rentals, apparent something is going away, and if you are a Total Access subscriber, i guarantee you wouldn't be pleased. I got this email from Blockbuster today with an exciting header that reads "No More Due Dates for free in-store exchanges"! That's a shocker! Now I can keep my Total Access's in-store redeems for as long as I want? Heck yeah but Wrong! The Blue Envelop online rental is up to no good: Yes, there will be no time frame for in-store exchange but it will count as the regular rented item, in other words, the upcoming Total Access will entitle you to access both in-store and online movies, but not longer free. Shame on them to continue promoting "Free" In-store exchange. Read the new Total Access features after the cut.

Coming soon, there will be no more due dates for your free in-store movie exchanges!
  • In other words, as long as you are an active BLOCKBUSTER Total Access subscriber, you can keep your free in-store exchanges as long as you like.
  • In order to eliminate due dates, the free in-store exchange from participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores will now count towards the number of DVDs you may have out under your BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plan. Once you've returned your in-store exchange, we'll then ship you the next available movie in your queue.
  • Your free in-store exchanges will now show up on your Queue page and in your Rental History, making it easy to keep track of the movies you've rented.