Blockbuster and Motorola Working to Bring Handset Owners OnDemand Media

Evan Selleck - Aug 18, 2009
Blockbuster and Motorola Working to Bring Handset Owners OnDemand Media

If you own a Motorola phone and you’ve been thinking you could use some more media on it, then you should be happy to know that Blockbuster feels the same way, and they’re ready to do something about it. Today marked the announcement that Blockbuster has plans to launch a feature that ties into their Blockbuster OnDemand movie downloading service, for select handsets. That probably means all of you still touting your RAZRs will be out of luck, but hey, it’s time to upgrade anyway, right?

This is a big step for Blockbuster, in that they’ve been aiming to get their digital footprint everywhere, but they’re not the only ones of course. iTunes has been providing digital downloads of music for a long time, and to many people, digital is the way things are heading one way or another, whether we want it to or not. And through this agreement, select Motorola phones –which means future phones probably, and nothing on the market now– will have the Blockbuster OnDemand Media application pre-installed and ready to go.

“Mobile video entertainment is exploding, as consumers are demanding the widest selection of content: the movies they love in their living room and on their PC, now also available on their mobile phone, while on the go,” said Christy Wyatt, Vice President of Software Platforms, Applications and Ecosystem, Motorola Mobile Devices. “Together with Blockbuster we intend to deliver an unparalleled portable movie experience on our next-generation handsets.”

Truth be told, we’re all for the way of the digital age, as it makes things a lot faster and easier to use. As long as people get their money, and piracy gets thwarted, then it doesn’t matter how we get our books, our music, or even our movies. We’re still entertained and the creators still get paid: that means the world keeps on spinning, and it probably doesn’t get any better than that.

[via Fierce Wireless]

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