Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm thunders ahead of E3

Ever wondered what would happen if Diablo and Tyrael ever clashed? Or if Illidan would be a match against Kerridan? These are the stuff that dreams and fanfiction are made of, but now you can actually make them reality, somewhat. Yes, Blizzard has finally fully unleashed Heroes of the Storm onto the masses, allowing players to finally pit iconic characters from Blizzards many and unrelated IPs against each other in a situation that would never happen otherwise in canon. All for the sweet low price of free.

Thirty seven heroes spanning Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, and that's only the launching cast. You can bet Blizzard will add more in the future, but this is more than enough to get the ball rolling. And just because you and your enemies both picked that deadly kung fu panda doesn't mean you'll have the exact same character at your disposal. Customization goes beyond skins and mounts but also to the choice of skills that could mean victory or defeat.

MOBAs today are a dime a dozen so it pays to have some differentiating factors to stand up from the crowd. Blizzard almost has it made with a roster of memorable characters but it's adding a bit more to the battlegrounds. Each map has a certain "theme" to it, with events that can change the tide of battle. A ghost pirate ship, for example, has a captain that can be bribed to aim the ship's cannons at your foes. Guard towers aren't isolated structures but are located in towns that side with either faction, complete with healing fountains and blockades.

As with most MOBAs these days, Heroes of the Storm is free to play, but don't be surprised to seem in-game purchases for perks and advantages.

SOURCE: Blizzard