Blindfolded gamer beats Super Mario World in just 23 minutes

If you think you're a hardcore, old school game fan, or one of the best speedrunners around, you've got nothing on this guy. YouTuber/Twitch streamer PangaeaPanga has beaten Super Mario World in just 23 minutes, 14 seconds... while blindfolded the entire time. It's an incredible feat just to comprehend, even more so when he says he only began practicing for the challenge on June 16th, started blindfolded runs on June 20th, and uploaded the successful attempt days later on June 23rd.

PangaeaPanga's full video can be seen below, but just note that this isn't a "perfect" run, as he dies (only) three times due to missed jumps and hitting enemies. Still, that hardly matters when he can pick up at the checkpoint and correct his mistake, all without removing the blindfold.

Judging from comments on the stream, it seems that PangaeaPanga is basing his gameplay on sounds and timing his jumps accordingly. He doesn't offer up a detailed explanation of how he's doing it, and there's still a chance it could be fake, but with so many natural mistakes and corrections, it sure looks like the real deal.

In the description on the YouTube video, he writes that he was actually playing Super Mario World on his computer with a Super Nintendo emulator. This software is what accounts for the small discrepancy between movements and the button presses in the lower-left corner of the screen. He adds that he plans to make a blindfolded run on the real console game next.

SOURCE PangaeaPanga/YouTube (Twitch)