Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 - Plays music from anything except CDs

Recently manufacturers have been making in-dash receivers that not only take CDs, but SD cards as well. This is a great idea, as it's much easier to switch out your music on an SD card than it is to burn a new CD every time you want some new tunes. However, this latest receiver has decided to take this a step further by removing the CD player completely.

I guess I must be behind the times, as I still carry CDs in my car. My friends also use CDs, and will sometimes bring their own if we're going on a long trip. However, if you're ready to kiss the disc goodbye, this Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 receiver should suit you just fine.

The SD27 will play both MP3 and WMA files from your SD card, or will also play music from your MP3 player either via USB or 3.5mm audio jack. I would assume that it would read MP3s from your flash drive as well. You can pick one up for $160.

Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 car receiver/audio player lets you say bye-bye to CDs [via scifi]