Blastoise Finally Has A Pokemon Unite Release Date

Ever since Pokemon Unite launched, fans have been waiting for the release of Blastoise. The Pokemon has been featured in promotional artwork for the game, and Squirtle even appears in Pokemon Unite's tutorials, leading many fans to believe that Blastoise would be one of the earliest DLC characters. After a couple of Pokemon – namely Gardevoir and Blissey – seemingly jumped the line to join the roster, it looks like it's finally time for Blastoise's release date.

Yes, indeed, today Tencent and The Pokemon Company announced that Blastoise will be the next Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster. According to a tweet from the official Pokemon Unite account, Blastoise will be joining the game on September 1st – one week from today.

As is usually the case, the tweet doesn't detail Blastoise's kit, but it does feature a video showing the Pokemon in action. In the video, we can see Blastoise using what appears to be Rapid Spin and Surf, along with two other moves that use the cannons that stick out of its shell. One of those moves is Blastoise's Unite move, which has him spraying his cannons in a circle around him. It appears that move may be called Hydro Typhoon, but we won't know for sure until Tencent gives us specifics.

Blissey, it should be noted, joined the game on August 18th, so the rate at which new Pokemon are joining the game is actually speeding up. While there were three weeks between the additions of Gardevoir and Blissey, there will only be two weeks in between Blissey and Blastoise. So it looks like Tencent and The Pokemon Company had some DLC Pokemon ready to go when the game launched on Nintendo Switch back in July.

Recently, the two companies announced that Pokemon Unite will be coming to mobile devices on September 22nd. There's currently a pre-registration campaign going on, and earlier today, The Pokemon Company announced that it has reached the halfway mark in terms of pre-registrations. That means everyone will get 1,000 Aeos Tickets and the Unite License for Pikachu, with a special outfit for Pikachu still up for grabs at 5 million pre-registrations.