Blaklader Kilt for those gadget freaks

James Allan Brady - Feb 1, 2008

If you fancy clothing with plenty of pockets and pouches to put your tools and gadgets in, Blaklader has your back, or rather your arse covered. This kilt is initially designed for the working Scotsman with pouches for hammers, nails, screws, things of that nature, so essentially it’s a wearable utility belt.

I want one, really bad, and if I could have found one in my size, I would have ordered it in a heartbeat and taken pics for the lot of you once it arrives, but alas they don’t make then in my size so that’s a no go. But this article has piqued my interest in kilts. There are over 10 pockets in all on this quilt as well as some loops for hammers and other tools, so you would have plenty of space if you really wanted it.

It’s made out of 100% cotton which should keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you want one, and if they make them in your size, they cost 50 pounds or about $100, and I’d totally pay it if they had one in my size.

[via absolutegadget]

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