blakemedia's iPhone 4 Speak & Spell Decal is $6.99 of Greatness

It may seem like there's a new decal for the iPhone 4 every other day, or case, or accessory in general, but we can safely say that not all of them catch our eye like this new one from Etsy seller blakemedia. There's just something about making our futuristic gadgets look like something out of our retro-yesteryears. This time around, it's certainly one of the greatest pieces of technology from the 80s. The Speak & Spell.

The decal is cool in of itself, but it's also designed to make sure that you get to install the vinyl decoration without any air bubbles popping up after you put it on. Thanks to the Avery vinyl blakemedia used, and the "air egress technology" used to create the decal, it should mean that you're not plagued with little bumps in the vinyl. It may be simple enough, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. Especially when you consider that the decal is only $6.99, and available right now.

[via NeatORama]