BlackBerry Z30 heads to Rogers Communications after all

It appears that at least a few BlackBerry fans remain in the Great White North. Canadian mobile carrier Rogers Communications announced about a week ago that it would be avoiding BlackBerry's new flagship device called the Z30. Considering the sagging popularity of BlackBerry devices overall, the announcement wasn't that big of surprise.

What is a surprise is that Rogers has now announced that it will carry the Z30 smartphone after all. Even more interesting than Rogers changing its mind is the reason why it changed its mind. Rogers says that the decision was reversed due to customer feedback and excitement about the device.

Rogers issued a statement that said:

In response to customers' feedback and excitement about the device, Rogers will be offering the new Z30 to its customers. We have a longstanding partnership with BlackBerry and continue to be big supporters of the company and their products.

Rogers Communications does have a large number of BlackBerry users boasting the most BlackBerry subscribers in Canada. The carrier was also a big part of the launch of BlackBerry 10.

The Z30 uses a 1.7 GHz processor with a quad-core graphics processor. It runs BlackBerry 10.2 operating system and has a 2880 mAh internal battery. BlackBerry says that battery is good for 25 hours of mixed-use per charge.

SOURCE: AllThingsD