BlackBerry Z10 heads to AT&T on March 22 tips sources

The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone has been available in Europe for a while now. Sales for the device started off well enough, and then fell off significantly. A few days ago, we reported that many European carriers were slashing the price of the Z10 in an attempt to make it more appealing to customers. Price cuts this early on don't bode well for BlackBerry and its hopes for the Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Customers in the US that are interested in the new BlackBerry smartphone may appreciate the fact that the launch date has been leaked for AT&T. The phone will come to AT&T in the United States on March 22. The launch date comes from sources claiming to be familiar with BlackBerry and AT&T's plans, but those sources asked to remain anonymous because the release date hasn't been announced officially.

The United States is a big market for BlackBerry, which reportedly earns about a fifth of its revenue within the US. The reason the phone didn't launch in the US at the same time it launched in Europe and about 20 other countries was because of the longer testing times required by carriers in the United States. A spokesman for AT&T also declined to confirm the launch date for the BlackBerry Z10.

The upside to having a delay on the launch of the smartphone in the United States is that BlackBerry has already released an update for the BlackBerry 10 software. The update fixes issues with the battery life and lowlight camera performance for the Z10.

[via Bloomberg]