BlackBerry Storm 3 Now Called the Monaco, Not Dead After All

Evan Selleck - Nov 9, 2010, 2:02pm CST
BlackBerry Storm 3 Now Called the Monaco, Not Dead After All

The life and times of the BlackBerry Storm 3 are an interesting one, especially considering that the device hasn’t been officially announced by Research In Motion. But, that may start to make sense now, if these new reports are accurate. According to BBLeaks, it looks like the Storm 3 is indeed alive and well, but it doesn’t have the same name, and the specifications of the device may be improving. Now known as the Monaco, the device may indeed have a larger display than what BlackBerry owners are accustomed to, and it also may feature a new processor.

The device, previously known as the Storm 3, was originally photographed, as well as rumored about, when it was near it’s mid-term. Meaning, the specifications of the device hadn’t been finalized, and they may still not be. Accordingly, the reports that the handset would be a slight improvement over the Storm 2 will probably turn out not to be true.

Specifications wise, the Monaco is said to still feature a 3.7-inch touchscreen display, but the specifics of that screen are still unknown. What’s probably most promising, though, is that the device is reportedly giving RIM room to look at new processors, instead of leaning on older models, as they did with the recently released, Torch. As far as new, more reliable information, there’s nothing to go on at this point. Is the Monaco real? It’s possible, as it’s more than likely that RIM would want another all touchscreen device on the market some time in 2011. So, if the device is real, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see how it stacks up against the competition in the new year.

[via BBLeaks]

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3 Responses to BlackBerry Storm 3 Now Called the Monaco, Not Dead After All

  1. IMO, the biggest issue with blackberry storm is the available “Application memory”.

    (on your storm Go to options, memory, and check APPLICATION memory)

    If you do a battery pull (reboot) you start with approx 20-30 mb (based on what you have installed) but as the hours go by the application memory becomes less and less …until its under 20mb, and starts becoming slow
    and glitchy. So you have to do another reboot.

    Storm comes with 1GB flash and 8GB SD memory – but after the OS and core apps, you are only left with a tenth (100 mb) or so for applications. Makes no sense to have an app store when you cannot use them ?

    Iphone / Android do not have that limitation as they use all the memory available for application memory.

    I hear Storm 3 will come with 1gb Flash, but makes no mention how much is “Application Memory”. Given that OS6 alone requires even more memory – 512MB, wonder how much “Application memory” will be left after core apps are installed.

    Anyone know ?

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