Blackberry redoes its Passport with incoming Oslo

Photos of the incoming Blackberry Oslo have made their way onto the internet thanks to a possible demo model leak. The Oslo is Blackberry's successor to the Passport. This phone, or phablet, could have very well come out as the Passport 2, but Blackberry chose to give the phone a more Scandinavian moniker. The Oslo keeps the Passport's odd, wide shape (It's basically the same dimensions as an actual passport.) The device still has a physical QWERTY keyboard at the base, keeping typing an activity mostly for thumbs.

The specs of the Oslo are no different from the previous incarnation. The handset uses a 2.2GHz MSM8974 Snapdragon processor, has 3GB RAM, a 3450 mAh battery, and a 13MP camera.

The main difference is the form and casing. Judging only from the photographs, it's difficult to tell, but it looks as though the case uses a steel frame and silver-toned plastic. The rear casing of the device appears to be made from textured black rubber, along the same lines as the Z3.

Oslo will use the latest Blackberry OS 10.3.2. There are no speculative release dates or prices for this handset. But, if you are one of the rare users interested in a Blackberry device that looks difficult to fit in your pocket, keep checking out Blackberry tag cloud for more news.

Source: N4BB