BlackBerry PlayBook Firmware May Be Lacking, But Getting Updates Fast

Enterprise users and BlackBerry aficionados must be tired of coming across reviews ripping on the new PlayBook's half-baked firmware. But you can set down your defenses as we hear today that they at least have been promptly sending out updates. Having just been released about three days ago—April 19th—the device has already received two large updates to the OS of over 200MB each. And it sounds like RIM is also listening intently to user response and feedback.

The latest update brings the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform up to version It doesn't specify exactly what changes and improvements are made, but seem to fix several minor bugs. Perhaps what stands out most from the update is the addition of a new icon in the Apps screen called Power Off.

The PlayBook hardware received nary a complaint from most reviews except for the too tiny power button that was difficult to press for adult-sized fingers. RIM must have been listening, because the added Power Off icon lets you turn off or restart the PlayBook via the touchscreen instead.

As if to battle the firmware complaints, RIM seems to be updating on the fly to promptly resolve any issues and bring on new and improved features quickly. It's the power button this time but maybe email, calendar, and contacts next.

[via BusinessInsider]