Blackberry Pearl 8100 retail details

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 28, 2006
Blackberry Pearl 8100 retail details

The Blackberry Pearl (8100) is indeed T-Mobile’s pearl from the sea of phones.  Unlike many other Blackberry devices before it, the Pearl is a beautiful looking handset that doesn’t look like a business device – but more consumer-centric.  Anyways, Boy Genius came through with actual images of the T-Mobile retail box, manual, specs and retail info!

The Official release date is September 18th 12th (interesting since the DBA announcement stated the 18th).  Again, similar to the Palm Treo 750 announcement, I assume Blackberry will want to unveil the Blackberry Pearl at CTIA Wireless on September 12th.  There’s no point holding back until the 18th.  If this is the case, we’ll make sure to get live shots and videos for your viewing pleasure during the coverage.



Images and info courtesy of EngadgetMobile .

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