BlackBerry gets blessed with ColorWare treatment

For those of you not in the know, ColorWare is a company that was started roughly 7 years ago and the service they offer is that they will alter the color of a large number of consumer electronics ranging from computers, iPods, gaming systems, all the way up to BlackBerry's now. They will officially begin offering the color-changed devices on the 31st of December.

To start they will only be offering 3 of the RIM-made devices, the Pearl, Curve, and 8800. And, I didn't see any plans to go any further back in the BlackBerry lineup.

It's kind of funny that they are offering their services to Pearl owners considering that phone already comes in a good number of colors, but the ColorWare folks have some pretty crazy colors. Their services aren't necessarily cheap, but they aren't so pricey that they would dissuade someone who absolutely had to have a unique colored gadget, and the extra protection their coating offers up is almost worth it on its own.

ColorWare Brings Snazzy Goodness to BlackBerry [via allblackberry]