Blackberry Bluetooth remote stereo gateway easily connects your wireless tunes to your wired stereo

James Allan Brady - Jan 31, 2008

This little 5cm square gadget connects to your favorite audio system via a headphone jack (which could be split into a pair of RCA jacks with the right cable) and then streams music from your A2DP enable device. That list would include your cell phone or possibly MP3 player.

It looks like its USB powered, so you could feasibly integrate it into your car as well, provided you have an audio in jack on your car stereo, that would save you from having to buy a new head unit with A2DP built in. I wonder if you’ll be able to connect it to your computer and stream music that way?

Anyways, it was just making a pass through the FCC, so no word on price or availability yet. It does seem a little too similar to another device that I believe Nokia has, but hopefully this Blackberry one will be cheap.

[via phonemag]

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