BlackBerry 8300 rumored to be renamed BlackBerry Curve

Devices that have a number in their name just don't sound as cool as ones with real names. The iPhone sounds cool, but what if it were called the Apple mobile 5600? It wouldn't sound quite as sleek. Apparently the guys at RIM have the same idea.

The BlackBerry 8300 may have found itself a new name. The BlackBerry Curve. Now that sounds like a nice phone. The phone should have a nice set of features so the new name will just be the icing on the cake.

If you check out the page it is pointing to This is what leads us to believe that they have changed the official name of the 8300. The apparent success of the BlackBerry Pearl name likely lead to the change.

BlackBerry 8300 = BlackBerry Curve? [via boygenius]