BlackBerry 10 features built-in picture editor

One of the features that RIM showed off at BlackBerry World this year was a swanky new camera for BlackBerry 10. Thanks to technology licensed from Scalado, the camera features remove and rewind features, helping to discard unwanted background objects and pick the best face in a photo thanks to a caching feature. Now it looks like RIM will also be including some basic editing abilities in the camera app, including Instagram inspired filters and more traditional tweaks.

A video from CrackBerry shows the UI and options you can expect to see in the camera app for BlackBerry 10, although since the OS is still in alpha everything isn't quite baked just yet. Filters that aren't too far off what you can find in Instagram are on offer, and you can apply some more conventional adjustments such as noise reduction, sharpening, color saturation boost, and so on.

The full range of functionality isn't working quite yet, but just from the look of things it all seems rather straightforward and easy to use. CrackBerry has a video demonstration of what you can expect to find inside the app, and has the templates for some of the filters over on its site for your consideration.

[via Engadget]